Monday, October 6, 2008

Warning: Construction Zone!

I know, I's been a while since my last post. But I have good reasons, I promise! LOL First of all, we're still trudging away on the kitchen remodel, trying to make up our minds on the backsplash and painting what seems like my 100th cabinet door. We're also trying to finish up the landscaping so we can reseed the backyard before it gets too cold (I am so not ready for winter!) But then we were introduced to new contractor last week and to our amazement, things just worked out and this weekend we turned our home into an even more chaotic mess because we're tearing out the loft area above our entryway!

Are we CRAZY?!? Yesterday, sawdust was flying everywhere and the girls were moaning about losing their favorite part of the house. Never mind that it could only be accessed by the master bedroom and sat smack in the middle of the entry by the stairs like Grand Central Station, collected all sorts of unsightly junk, and made you feel like you were entering a cave when you came through the front door. They just loved it for some reason. They begged us to leave in the door from our bedroom and put in a trampoline at the bottom or a fireman's pole so they could slide down, but sadly, those ideas had to be squashed due to insurance concerns. hah!

So now Kraig and I are on a frantic search for a chandelier today. We always had this project on our to-do list, but weren't planning on doing it so soon. But we're super excited to see it coming along and know that it will really make a dramatic change to our home. I'll post some before and after pics when it's done at the end of the week, k?

Oh yeah...and my mom and George are coming out to visit this weekend! aye, yi, yi!!!


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