Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sweet Sixteen

WOW, Kraig and I can't believe our little Kaitlyn is now 16 years old! How fast the years have flown by since we first brought her home from the hospital...and it's surreal to think that in just two more years, she's be a legal adult?! If 16 years feels like such a short time, I can't imagine how two more will be for us—the blink of an eye?!? She definitely acts like a teenager these days, but still as loving, curious, smart, creative and silly as always. Happy Birthday, Katie—we love you very much!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Melting Glass

Whew! In addition to all the on-going remodeling stuff that's been going on, this past week I've been cramming in several glass bead making sessions (also known as "lampworking") for some testing I'm doing for a great company called Creation Is Messy (aka CiM). They just introduced some beautiful new glass colors and it's been so fun trying them out and learning what they can do!

I'm still a relative novice to this new hobby of mine, but I think I have a knack for it and have been improving my skills pretty quickly—whenever I get the chance to sit down and work on them, that is! I haven't had much "play" time this year, but hopefully, that will change as things start to settle down. I thought I'd share some pics of my garage studio set-up and the humongous batch of test beads I made. Most of them are just practice stuff, but some of them actually turned out pretty cool! And can you find the Snowman? It's my first ever try and I'm rather proud of him, even if his eyes look a bit like he's on drugs? LOL

Monday, November 10, 2008

Glamour Girls

Sorry for not posting in so long, but we've been battling the cold bug now that the weather has changed and still working furiously on the home remodeling stuff (along with other things I'll post about later!). But I thought I'd pop in and post some pics of Ashley and Katie, all dressed up for some recent formal affairs at school. It took my breath away to see how mature looking they both are now...can't believe my babies are almost all grown up?! eek! Of course, none of my pics turned out that great, as they are both getting a little "too cool" to comply gracefully with my picture taking requests these days...*sigh*

Here's Ashley, in her first "grown up" dress and pair of heels. She wore it to a "Three Muskateers" play her Drama class was attending the last week of October, where all the students were encouraged to wear something formal to get into the spirit of things. Boy, I tell you, it was a HUGE challenge to go shopping and agree on something together when she evidentally has a strong tendency to go for what I call "hoochy momma" clothing that is about 10 years too old for her. Of course, being at the decrepit old age I am, have hardly any credibility at all for either girl when it comes to taste in clothing either. Can you see our dilemna?? So, she was trying on clothes in a store and Katie and I were waiting outside, and she wasn't finding anything we could both agree on. I spied the dress on a display and mentioned to Katie that I thought it looked cute and she immediately disagreed with a condescending "Eeww, Mom, I don't think so!" But at this point, we're getting desperate to find something, so I grab it and shove it at Ashley through the curtain, coaxing her to please try it on for my sake. When she emerges, Katie blurts out in an amazed tone, "Wow, that actually looks really good on you!" and so that clinched the deal for Ashley. Nevermind that I'm the one with the good taste to see it's potential in the first place—all that mattered was her sister deemed it worthy! ha!

The first pics I got were with her iPod hooked up and I had to give some major encouragement to get her to put it away for just a few minutes—typical of her these days! LOL

And here's some pics of Katie, going to her first Homecoming Dance the first week of November. She'd had her eye on this dress for several weeks and was drooling so hard over it in the store, I thought she might have to be hospitalized for dehydration?! LOL Kraig drove her there and helped chaperone the dance, and she met with some of her girlfriends and they all went solo together. She did her own hair and make-up, and I thought she did a pretty darn good job. Kraig says she was one of the first ones on the dance floor and he had to practically drag her off of it to come back home, she was having so much fun!

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