Monday, December 8, 2008

Our Furry Friends

I can't believe it! I just realized over this weekend that I've completely neglected sharing any pics of our other special family members!?! So here are some recent ones of them, just for your viewing pleasure...

This is Indiana Jones (yes, we named him after one of our favorite movie characters! LOL) and he's a 10-year-old purebred Keeshond with loads of long, soft fur, a bright and curious mind, and a tendency to lick your fingers off if you'll let him. He also uses his paws like a cat and every vet he's ever had always mistakes him for a girl because he has such a prissy manner sometimes (but we don't tell him that, so I think his self-image is still intact? ;-D) He's a wonderful companion and watch dog, and spends his mornings napping patiently at the front door or my feet when I'm working on the computer, but lately he's shown a preference for this position on my bed—waiting for the rest of the family to come home so he can play with everyone.

And this little cutie-pie is Romeo, who we adopted from a local animal shelter for a surprise birthday gift this year to our daughter, Ashley. He's about 2 years old, a cocker-spaniel mix, and is extremely sweet and quiet (a nice change from our "talkative" Indy! LOL). I think he's barked once a grand total of 4 times since we got him in June—most of which was whenever he got a chance to get up close to Katie's mini Lop bunny Snickers, which sends him into a tizzy of ecstasy (or is it his hunting instinct for dinner?!) He has a definite preference for tummy- rubs and will literally melt on the floor in a little furry puddle when you love on him.

When we first brought Romeo home, Indy wasn't quite sure what to do with him, having been an "only child" for the past 9+ years with us. But they've warmed up to each other and it's hilarious to watch them play—with little Romeo chasing down Indy or wrestling over a toy. Right now, they're both laying at either side of my feet while I type...who needs slippers with furry bodies like this nearby? LOL


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