Monday, January 12, 2009

Another Year Wiser??

Today is my (*gasp!!*) 45th birthday, but I'm not sure just how much I feel like "celebrating" getting older!? I can't help feeling as if I'm still in my late 20's or early 30's in my mind, but my body definitely isn't cooperating with my mindset. Hah! I remember looking at my own mother when she was 45 and thinking to myself, "Boy, is she OLD!" and now, here I am in the same place with my own daughters probably feeling the same way. *sigh* Thank God for talented hair-dressers, Spanx, and wrinkle remover creams, eh? ;-D At least with age, (hopefully), comes wisdom and I think that's at least something to be thankful for in my life. And I'm blessed with a handsome guy who loves me just as much as he did when we first met—and wrinkles were something I thought only elephants and clothes had—and a great family and life to share with them.

Ashley went on a cleaning frenzy downstairs and then she and Katie festooned the kitchen and breakfast area with red and white streamers, balloons and tiny candles before they had me come down to celebrate with everyone. It was a great surprise and much appreciated! I snapped some quick pics, but still need to have Katie take some updated pics of me soon and then I'll post those here as well. (I hate photos of myself though, so be prepared for a long delay! LOL)

[This pic serves a double-purpose, as now you can also see how much progress we've made on our DIY kitchen remodeling. We still need to finish glazing and add crown molding to the cabinets, add knobs, and put up some curtains. But so far, we're pretty proud of ourselves!]


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