Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's a New Year!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's Day! I'm sorry I haven't posted in so long, but I didn't have such a great holiday because a week before Christmas, I came down with a really nasty infection that swelled my leg up from the knee down to my ankle and I ended up not being able to walk for over a week. Of course, this all happened right before the girls got off for their school break and I had tons of plans for us to go shopping, bake cookies, drive around and see all the xmas lights...well, you get the idea, right? So none of my much anticipated plans came true—but on the other hand, I did lose at least 5 lbs. in about 2 days because of my illness. Hah! Who knew having a fever of 104 for a few days can beat any diet plan out there? LOL

Two days before Christmas, I insisted on going shopping for just a few hours, since I didn't have all the gifts I wanted to buy for the family yet. I got to drive one of those little scooters around the Costco and we must have looked totally ridiculous, with me stopping and starting all over the place because my controls weren't working properly, and the girls taking turns following me around on my crutches—only they were racing and laughing the whole time with them, so I'm sure they made a few people scratch their heads, wondering what was going on with us?!

I'm going to post a few more things I didn't get a chance to write about during my illness, so be sure to look through the month of December's posts, since I'm going to back-date them so they make sense, k? And in honor of the New Year, I've made a few resolutions—many of which I'm sure I won't end up keeping—but it's nice to dream big, eh? ;-D

1. Lose at least 10 lbs.
2. Challenge myself artistically and work on at least one new project a week.
3. Finish decluttering my studio and get it decorated.
4. Finish remodeling our kitchen and master bedroom/bath.
5. Learn to speak Italian better.
6. Travel to a new place with the girls and get their passports stamped for the first time.
7. Volunteer for a new ministry.
8. Make time to sing and play the piano more often.
9. Open my own Etsy store full of jewelry, paper crafts and other goodies I love to make.
10. Post on this blog at least once a week.

What are your resolutions for the coming year?


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