Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bring on the Spring!

Yesterday, we were getting ready for a day-trip to Edmonds to attend a travel seminar with Rick Steves, so we could learn all about traveling to Croatia and Italy with the girls. Just before we were ready to hop into the car, Kraig came to me with a puzzled look on his face, holding up a tiny plant that looked like a sad little mutant onion that he had pulled entirely out of the ground—roots and all—and asked,

"Honey, I found these all over the yard—do you know what these are?"

I slowly nodded, "Nooo...I don't think so?" and then… *ding!*
"Oh, YEAH! Those must be one of the crocus bulbs I planted last Fall! Put it back, put it back!!"

He gave me a funny look and said, "Are you sure? (aka "are you CRAZY?!") There's a bunch of them coming up all over the lawn! They look weird just sitting out in the middle of nowhere. And what am I supposed to do when I need to mow the lawn?"

And I somewhat smugly replied, "They're supposed to be scattered all over the yard like that—it's called naturalizing and that's what all the gardening experts say to do to make it look more natural! And they'll be gone before you ever need to mow the grass, so put it right back where you found it, please!"

He looked at me again with "that look" and the girls pitched in with Mini Me expressions at my insistence that this is what I wanted and it looked perfectly fine to have little onion-like things popping out in random spots over the lawn. But I gave them my own "look" back and Kraig somewhat reluctantly stuck the plant back into the ground. I tried to explain to them that I think it's so cool to have these tiny little flowers come out to signal the first of Spring and that they would look so much nicer when all their buds opened—but my uninspired family didn't look too convinced.

And just when I was starting to get excited at the thought that Spring has officially sprung, another storm system swept into our area late in the afternoon. UGH! We got some snow and it's much colder outside, but my sweet little crocus (croci??) didn't let that stop them. They're still tenaciously working to poke through and show off their cheery colors even more—as if to say to the world, "Bring it on!"


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