Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Silver Glass Goodies

Hey, look at me—I'm on a roll! This is, what—my 3rd post in a week?!?! Part of the reason is due to the fact that I've been busy making beads for two different exchanges, as well as still working on completing my 50 Beads of Courage goal. *whew!* So, of course, I just had to share with everyone! ;-D

This last group of beads I made was for a silver glass swap on the LE board, where we had to make beads using a variety of special (and expensive!) glass colors that are laden with silver. The silver helps bring out a wonderful array of unique colors and shimmer, but I've been learning that some are much trickier to work than others. Kraig and I finally got around to getting my ventilation fan installed over this past weekend, so I really went to town experimenting and playing with all my silver glass! Up to now, I've been wearing a big respirator mask whenever I used silver glasses, so I was very happy to get to ditch it now that my fan is doing such a great job of sucking out the bad vapors.

Here's the beads I sent in, using different silver glass that are of the "reducing" variety. Reducing glass gets a gorgeous metallic luster to it when exposed to a specific type of flame on the torch. The camera didn't do justice to them, and they look so much prettier in person. There is another variety called "striking" glass, but the ones I tried working with either wouldn't cooperate to my liking, or they cracked before I finished them. (Remember I told you they can be tricky little buggers! LOL)

From left to right: Double Helix (DH) Aurae; DH Triton/Intense Black twistie and clear dots over Lt. Ivory; DH Psyche/Triton twistie over Lt. Ivory; Precision Miro (also known as Rembrandt) reduced and encased; DH Psyche/Triton twistie over Lt. Ivory, gravity swirled; DH Psyche dots that were poked and raked over Lt. Ivory and CIM Hades.

This one is probably my favorite of the bunch. I love how the DH Psyche turned such lovely shades of purples and blues and the graceful raked design is one I think I'm definitely going to make a lot more of. Wouldn't these look cool in a set?!

I ended up keeping this one, since I was already sending in a couple other beads using the same glass and technique. (Plus, I love it and had a couldn't help having an impulsive change of heart!) It has a great silvery shine in it, with hints of steel blue. I learned this technique from my friend, Lara Lutrick, who just tagged me today—so I guess I might even make it to four posts in a week?! LOL


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