Thursday, June 4, 2009

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend (and Flowers are Nice Too!)

Last month, I got to try out the Zoozii Chunky Crystal Duo press and boy, is it a cool tool! I didn't have as much time to work with it as I had hoped, but when I did, I discovered how addicting it was to create these beautiful crystal shaped beads out of silver and transparent glass. I loved this shape so much, I also got a smaller Crystal Trio version. It's a little hard to tell from the photos, but the white ones have a really pretty cloudy, almost opal-like character, and the rest of them have a gorgeous mother-of-pearl or golden shimmer in the core. Don't you think they sparkle just like diamonds? ;-D How cool would these look featured in a chunky bracelet or pendant?!

I might even get up enough courage to list some of these on Etsy, but first I have to decide which ones I want to keep for myself! LOL This is also the first time I've concentrated on making bead sets, and my incentive is that my friend Lara Lutrick and I signed up to sell our handmade things three Saturdays this summer at a new Farmer's Market that is starting up in our town. In addition to glass beads and jewelry, I'm going to offer an eclectic mix of things such as mixed media jewelry and cards. I'm really looking forward to seeing what kind of response we get!

Of course, this means I need to work hard on stocking an inventory of goodies before our first day there in July (eek!). Here's what came out of my kiln this morning—a fun new lentil design that I'm really having fun making in various colors. There's just something about chocolate brown and rich pastels that makes me happy! I'll post some pics of them made into jewelry when I finish them, k?


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