Thursday, November 5, 2009

CiM Testing - Round 5

I've been a busy girl these past few weeks, testing out the newest Creation Is Messy (CiM) colors and putting them through their paces. I love the testing phase—playing around with each one and seeing what makes them unique from existing hues and brands. The only down side is that I end up with a ton of weird looking beads because I like to put an emphasis on experimentation and seeing how they react on their own and with each other in various situations. But I did end up with some winning combinations and am still in the process of creating some more finished designs now that I'm better acquainted with these new colors. They're all gorgeous, and I'll be posting more about them over the next few weeks, especially the ones that fit in with the Pantone Winter/Spring fashion forecast! ;-D

1 comment:

  1. um, if those are "fugly", they look a lot like the kids at beads of courage would be quite happy wiht them ;)...(darn, they actually look a lot like spacers I've paid good money for!)


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