Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wine Stoppers - Special Delivery

Last year, I gave handmade bottle stoppers to my extended family for Christmas gifts. I love to make my own gifts whenever I can, and these were great because I could create unique glass beads to coordinate them specifically to their own home decor and tastes. But sometimes I worry that the people getting the gift might have preferred something store bought instead? Turns out they were a hit with everyone—so that was a big relief! My sister-in-law, Andrea, loved hers so much, she even commissioned me to make her 11 more stoppers so that she could give them as gifts to her own friends and family! Here's the photos that I sent her recently to make sure she liked all of them:

(please ignore the black rubber gasket that slipped off on the stopper on the far right—I fixed it after I took the photos!)

I used some of her favorite colors and tried to show a variety of designs. I'm especially proud of the golf ball design, which I first made for my Mom's gift last year. I've never seen one done in soft glass before, so maybe I'm the first to try it? I think they all turned out rather well, don't you? I'll be sending these off to Andrea soon and I really hope the people she gives them to will enjoy using them.

Now I just have to figure out what to make for everyone this Christmas?! *Ü*

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