Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Yesterday was my and Kraig's 23rd wedding anniversary—whoohooo! I can't believe I've put up with this crazy guy for so long?! Just kidding!! LOL We decided not to exchange gifts this year, but he gave me some beautiful roses and some of my favorite chocolates, then took me out for dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant. *sigh* I guess I could let him stick around a little while longer? ;-D

edited to add:
Shirley made a comment asking why Kraig didn't make me something for our anniversary, and even though I know she was teasing, it made me remember something that I thought I'd add to this post. *Ü*

First of all, Kraig is probaby the least creative member of our family (and I say that with the utmost love and affection!). But a long time ago, he managed to surprise me with a homemade gift that he's never been able to top in my eyes…

It was for our very first anniversary, when we were so poor that we lived on macaroni and cheese and were lucky to have $25 in our checking account at the end of the month. We agreed then that we weren't going to spend anything on each other, but on our special day he presented me with a decorative cookie tin (I was into collecting them at the time). He told me to look inside and there I discovered little slips of paper, each one with a different sentence he had handwritten himself, describing something he loved about me. Then he told me there were a total of 365 notes and that I was to pull out and read one a day for the rest of the year. (Okay—this made me start crying again, just thinking about it!)

I still have that tin and all the notes and cherish them more than anything else he's ever given me since then, no matter how fancy or expensive now that we can finally afford them. And you know what the best thing is? He still likes to tell me things he loves about me all the time—even after all these years.

Yeah, I'm a very lucky girl and I totally know it!!

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  1. Happy anniversary, you two! You mean he didn't make something for you? ;)


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