Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Search for the Perfect Winter Coat

Last year, Ashley needed a good winter coat, but at the very first store we looked at, she immediately latched on to a pastel blue and pink one, declared that it was "The One" and was done shopping after that. I must have spent at least 15 minutes trying to get her to look at other options, but she had made her choice and wasn't budging. The thing is, Ashley has never been a light blue or pink kind of girl—in fact, that same year she wore so much black, I lived in constant fear that she was turning into what she calls an "Emo," which is uncomfortably close to "Goth." EEK! I think she ended up wearing that coat a total of eight times before she decided that light blue and pink weren't her style after all and she refused to ever wear it again, even at the risk of dying of hypothermia while waiting at the bus stop for school. *sigh*

So this week, I'm bound and determined to get her a winter coat that I know suits her and will last at least a few years. It's been bitterly cold here right now, so I'm anxious to find something soon. Last night we looked in a few stores, but couldn't find anything, so today I braved the mall by myself to see what I could bring home for her to chose from, armed with this criteria:

1) Colors: Purple, white, or black
2) Wooly Fur (okay) vs. Hairy Fur (definitely not okay)
3) No super slippery fabric on the inside (causes unwelcome static shocks)
4) No itchy fabrics
5) Needs to be very fashionable (translation: being "cool" looking is a much higher priority than keeping you warm)

I figured it would take me about two hours to look, then I would treat myself to a nice lunch and head back home. So I dressed in a cute outfit, including my favorite pair of dress shoes (aka not my most comfortable ones), and headed out on my quest. Well, eight shopping bags, five blisters, no lunch, and four hours later—I limped back to my car. LOL I had to beg one of the stores to let me use one of their shopping carts to use through the rest of the mall when I was about halfway done because the bags were getting so bulky and heavy. My luck—I managed to pick a cart that had some sort of problem with one of the wheels so that it clattered and lurched the entire time. I should have exchanged it for another one, but by the time I realized what was going on and that it wasn't just the bumpy floors, I was too tired to go back. So I bravely continued on my way, complete with sound effects to alert every store of my impending visit. *lovely*

I started to wax nostalgic for the days when I had a nice big stroller to hold all my shopping bags, complete with a neat little cup holder so I could leisurely sip Diet Coke while I strolled down the aisles. Then I remembered those days also included having to change diapers in the mall bathroom and I decided maybe the cart wasn't so bad after all…

I did manage to find some cute coat possibilities for Ashley, so I'm hoping she sees one she loves. I also squeezed in a refreshing shopping frenzy break when I discovered that the rock and mineral store I like was having a great sale too. ;-D I bought a ton of gorgeous natural stones like laboradorite, smoky quartz, moss agate, tiger's eye, and snowflake obsidian, as well as freshwater pearls and coral—I can't wait to use them in my jewelry designs. Here's a photo of everything—there was so much I had to divide them into two photos. So please feel free to drool as much as you want! Baahaahaaahhaa!


It almost made up for all the blisters and shopping cart embarrassment. Almost…until I realized that I still need to schlep all the coats she didn't choose back to the mall again! *groan*


  1. Lands End or LL Bean - functional, warm and delivers! LMAO! Nice score on the jewelry stuff!

  2. OK
    1 - Which store did you get the bling out.
    2 - I say make her wear the coat she already picked out.
    3 - I agree, LL Bean or Lands End or Eddie Bauer

  3. Thanks for the info on those stores—I'll have to check them out!

    Lara, I got the bling at Black Market Minerals at the Auburn Supermall. I love that store! Also, can't make Ashley wear or do anything she doesn't want to do, LOL! We dontated it so help someone who actually could use it this winter.


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