Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dreaming of CHA

Tomorrow will be the first day of the Craft and Hobby Association's ginormous annual trade show and I'm bummed to say that I'll be missing out on all the fun (waaaahh!). I've gone every year for 10 years now, and was planning on going again this year, but life sort of got in the way and I decided it just wasn't the best time for me. I swear—I've been juggling so much stuff lately, I'm starting to feel maybe I should just go and join Cirque du Soleil?! LOL

Back when I was still planning on attending this show, I signed up to be part of a special Designer Global Gallery, where CHA designer members committed to creating something special that represents a specific country. I chose Italy because it's one of my favorite places in the world and also because it's historic love-affair with the glass arts. With that inspiration in mind, I decided to create a set of glass lentil-shaped beads, with swirls of iridescent silver glass and foil over a black base. Then I combined them with tons of sterling silver, faceted hematite beads, and one of my handmade fine silver butterfly pendants to create this necklace:

I named it "Farfalla Dreams" since that "farfalla" means butterfly in Italian. When I showed it to Ashley, she told me she thought it was the prettiest necklace I've ever made, which made me feel great since this teenager is very hard to impress! *Ü* This is definitely one of my favorite pieces and I barely had time to enjoy it before I had to mail it off to CHA this week for the display. I hope the people there who see it will love it as much as I do!

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  1. Your daughter is right - it's gorgeous! Can't believe that you're missing CHA either! LOL!


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