Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Belated Valentines

I had planned on making a bunch of heart beads to put in my Etsy shop before Valentine's Day, but when I got the Costco demo job, I had to put those plans on hold and never got them done in time. But I still had tons of ideas floating around in my head, so I've been having fun making hearts over the past week. Who says love is something that should only be celebrated one day a year anyway?? *Ü*

These are a few of the designs I've been working on. I think they will look so great as pendants or charms. The other one I ended up donating to the Hearts for Haiti fund sold in less than 48 hours, so I was really happy I was able to help out!

More ideas keep jostling for priority (as always! LOL), but I think I'll keep making hearts for a little while longer before I move on to other challenges I'd like to tackle. If you have any favorites, I'd love to hear which designs you like best? I'm planning on listing some of these in my Etsy shop soon—where hopefully, they'll inspire much love all year long!

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