Saturday, February 20, 2010

CiM Sapphire


Hmmmm...methinks it's about time for another glass color review?! *Ü* I first tested Creation Is Messy's Sapphire glass late in 2008, and although I loved the color, I didn't love how easily it bubbled and frothed on me. So I set aside and forgot all about it, until I was recently asked to test a new batch to see if the problems had been solved. And I can happily attest to the fact that it has! Yeah!!

This lovely sapphire blue color is now a very cooperative glass, melting down with the smoothness of butter, with absolutely no bubbling problems at all. In it's pure form, it's a very deeply saturated blue, as you can see in the large single crystal at the top of the photo. I like it best layered over clear or white to lighten up the color just a bit and really let that beautiful blue color shine. You can see the difference in the strand of crystal beads shown below the solid colored bead. It also behaves very nicely with other glass and so far, I haven't discovered anything that would keep me from using this glass more often from now on. I just listed the strand of Sapphire Crystals in my Etsy shop and am hoping it will find a good home soon! ;-D


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