Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Crazy for Cricut

It's been quite a while since I last posted, so I betcha you were all wondering where I was, eh? ;-D  I ended up getting a desperate phone call the day after my last post, asking if I could help out with demonstrating the new Cricut Expressions die-cutting machine at one of my local Costco stores. I was happy to help out, since Provo Craft (the company that makes the Circut) and I go waaaaaaay back to when I first started scrapbooking and was asked to join their first ever "Dream Team" back in 1999.

Turns out the job entailed 10 days of practically non-stop demo work, lasting an average of about 10 hours a day. Whew—my feet and voice were totally worn out by the end of it! After 18 years as a freelancer, working for myself in my own studio, it was quite a different experience from what I've been used to—especially considering I usually go to work in my PJs and sit in a comfy chair for most of the day! LOL But the job went faster and was more fun with the help of my new friend, Linsey Rickett, a very talented young designer who happens to live in my area and shares a kindred spirit. We had such a great time, playing with the Cricut (which I am now totally in love with!) and making neat projects to show people as we worked in the booth. (I'll have to scan and post some of my projects, once I get my printer/scanner working again.)


Not the most flattering pic of me, but it's kinda hard to snap a nice one when you're holding the camera about one foot away from your face and trying not to laugh because you know how silly you must look! Linsey, obviously, had no such problems! LOL

After my Costco demo debut, I took some time to recover, complete a rush job for a client, celebrate Valentine's Day with my family, and play catch up with everything else I neglected while I was away (including my blog!) I also finally have some new beads sitting in my kiln tonight, so I'm anxious to see how they turned out in the morning. So, more news coming soon, I promise! *Ü*

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  1. awww Hi Lori!! I'm sorry to say that I missed this post until just today :( But I was so happy to see it and I had such a lovely time with you the day this pic was taken--as well as the time we spent together demo'ing the cricut expression in tukwila. Most of all, I'm thrilled to know such a wonderfully talented and accomplished lady as yourself! It is an honor and a privelege to know you, my friend. I hope we can make a lunch date soon! big hugs and smiles, linsey


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