Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Marvelous New Table Top

A few days ago, my friend Ann brought me the new metal cover I designed with her handy husband Mike, who just happens to own a heating and cooling business that uses big sheets of galvanized steel. I didn't get a chance to put it on until today and now that it's all set up, I'm so happy I feel like bursting into song! *Ü* The top fits perfectly over my old engineering table, which has a laminate top that's not so great for putting hot tools on it or when molten bits of glass fly off a rod as it's being heated. The smell of burning plastic isn't very pleasant! (But it's better than smelling burning clothes and not knowing where it's coming from?!)

This is what my table looked like in late 2008 when I was first starting out. It was pretty much the same just before I added the metal top—only I've collected many more tools and it had tons of little black scorch marks all over the plastic surface. That green gizmo sitting on the right top corner is an electric curling rod set-up that I was hoping would make a great glass warmer. Turns out putting a hot glass rod back into that plastic bucket wasn't such a great idea after all?! LOL

This is what my work area looks like now after adding the metal cover. Isn't it awesome?!? (And did you notice the "new and improved" metal and ceramic rod warmer?) The sight of such a clean, shiny surface inspired me to re-organize my work space—now it's all ready for a mega torching session!

Okay, I confess, I'm a certified Glassaholic and I'm sure I need to enter a 12-step program.  These are most (but not all! LOL) of my glass colors—aren't they yummy?!

Here are some of my favorite tools by CGBeads. Watch out—they're highly addictive! They're sitting next to some shards I just made a few days ago, my trusty iPod, and a silver tray full of test bead designs I want to work on as the creative spirit moves me…

And this is what my view looks like every time I sit down at the torch to make some beads. The funnel at the top is part of my ventilation system to make sure all the harmful fumes are safely wisked away outside. Those things that look like bicycle handlebars are part of my Creation Station accessory—it's great for helping me rest my arms and steadying my hands as I'm working on my bead designs.

I just finished a marathon 5 hours at the torch and can't wait to see what comes out of the kiln tomorrow. Of course, my table won't be looking this nice and neat for very long, but I'm going to enjoy it while I can. Thanks SO much, Ann and Mike! *Ü*

P.S.~ That orange thing hanging over the back of my chair in the first photo is a leather apron that I bought recently from Harbor Freight (remember my comment about the flying glass?!). Ashley says it makes me look like I work at Home Depot. Hah! I only wish—then maybe I'd get a nice discount on stuff for all the remodeling projects we still have to finish up! ;-D


  1. Lori~ It's Alaina (Walker) Bennett. I stumbled upon your blog. Wow...feelings came rushing over me! It was thrilling to see and read about your beautiful life. Your girls are gorgeous! Your oldest looks just like you - those gorgeous dimples!!! You still like you did when we were in college!!

    Okay...those beads are amazing girl!!! I knew you could sing, but I had no idea how talented and creative you are. It has been so fun to read through some of your blog and see how God has gifted you.

    I would love to catch up if you get a chance. Not sure if you can get my email from this comment or not (don't know much about blog world). So, so good to find you!

    Hugs~ Alaina

  2. Thanks, Shirley!

    Hi, Alaina! Wow, all these memories of our time touring together promoting PLC just came rushing back! LOL I'd love to catch up with you! My email addy is ashlyndesign at comcast dot net. *Ü*

  3. Lori, that looks fabulous. You should have a "before" picture next to the amazing "after" pictures. Look at all the great tools, the fab table top and the Creation Station!

  4. Look, Judith! I added a "Before" pic, just for you! Can't believe I didn't think of it myself—I must have been too excited to be thinking straight?! LOL


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