Friday, April 2, 2010

Scrumptious Silver Glass

Yes, I know I should be working on my tax return—and I really am (just with long torching breaks in between! *Ü*). Just thought I'd sneak in a quick post before Easter weekend to share some of my latest bead sets made with more lovely silver-laden glass…

This one is called "Lavender Fields" and was created from the same glass as my "Calliope" set, but I used a different clear to encase each bead. Isn't it amazing how different these sets are?! They shimmer with gorgeous blues, purples and pink mother-of-pearl (MOP) colors, with just the tiniest hint of pale soft green peeking through here and there. Perfect for Spring! 

This set is called "Oceanus" and uses a different silver glass color that is a little trickier to work with. But when you're lucky and all the stars and planets are aligned just right—you get the most beautiful aqua, blue and lime green MOP effects.

It's so hard to capture that MOP shine on camera—and these pics come close—but they're so much lovelier in person! I can feel the siren's call of my torch to go out and play with both of these glass colors again today, but I must be strong and keep slogging away at these darn taxes. *sigh* I better be gettin' some moolah back so I can buy more of this glass! LOL

Hope you all have a wonderful and blessed Easter weekend too! *Ü*


  1. I really like that top Calliope set. Nice colors.


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