Sunday, May 9, 2010

Celebrating Mother's Day

Every year on Mother's Day weekend, I have a tradition with my daughters to buy some pretty flowers and plant them in our garden. So before we drove out to Kraig's mom's house yesterday to take her out to lunch, we also stopped by the local Arboretum. They were having a special fund raiser sale and we picked out some new plants to try that I'm hoping will survive my "black thumb" reputation, including a divine smelling white lilac.

Today, I also got a bouquet of beautiful iris and lilies and a gorgeous white orchid to put next to my computer in my upstairs studio. And Ashley surprised me with a handmade card and nominated me for a "Most Creative Mom" contest sponsored by Micheals Craft Stores. *Ü* Later tonight, they're taking me to dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant. I'm a little sad because Katie isn't here with us because she's away at military academy and I really miss her. But she called me yesterday and wish me a Happy Mother's Day, so that helps and I can't wait to see her in a few weeks when she has another leave from school!

I hope all you moms out there are enjoying a wonderful Mother's Day as well! *Ü*


  1. Was this the sale at LW? You'll have to let me know how the lilac does. Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Hi, Shirley!
    Yes, the sale was at LW—did you go too? In case you don't know, they also sell their plants on Saturdays too now. ;-D


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