Monday, May 24, 2010

Finding the Right Market

Well, so far, I'm batting 50-50 on the eBay front and am debating whether or not to continue giving it a try or not? I recently listed these two sets there, but neither one of them sold. I was a little disappointed, as I was pretty proud of how they turned out, but maybe I didn't list them long enough and just didn't find the right buyers to bid on them? *sigh*

I keep hearing conflicting reports from my various designer friends—some do really well on eBay, while others have abandoned ship because sales have been so slow or nonexistant. At the same time, I realize that my lampwork/jewelry business is fairly new, so I have to be patient as I work to build it up. hmmmm... I might give it a few more chances, but if things don't start looking up, I guess I'll just stick to Etsy, which has been going pretty well for me. I recently listed my "Bronze Smoke Rings" set in my shop there, and will probably list my "Gilded Jade" set there later this week.

And if they still don't sell, I guess I'll be sporting some pretty amazing jewelry in the near future?! Just hope I don't end up looking like Mr. T?! LOL In the meantime, I just returned from a fun weekend retreat where I learned some amazing new techniques and will be working feverishly in the studio to create some (hopefully!) great new designs. I'll post all about it as soon as I get my photos uploaded and a couple more beads made, k? *Ü*


  1. From what I've noticed and experienced, it does take a little while to build up your buyers on ebay. And with the limited time for the auctions, it seems like you have to keep relisting to get noticed. But it doesn't hurt to have listings in a few places. Don't be discouraged - the right buyer just has to come along. And Etsy is a great place to build up your customer base (with lower fees). Plus, you have us Fire Divas to hep promote you!

  2. Thanks so much for the encouragement! And I agree, being a part of the Fire Divas has been so fun and rewarding!


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