Sunday, June 20, 2010

Katie's Academy Graduation

Well, folks, it's official...Katie survived six months of military academy and graduated as a Corporal at the top academic level for her class! Yippeeeeeee!!! Not a bad ending for her Junior year, eh? It was a tough course, but she hung in there and worked harder than we've ever seen her work, even as at least 30 other girls from her Platoon either quit or flunked out of the program. Sometimes it's hard for a teenager with low self-esteem to realize all that they are truly capable of, and when they announced the graduating class at the end, she burst into tears when it hit her that she had accomplished so much and how she's grown after this experience. She did so well there and we're all extremely proud of her!

I wanted to post how many miles she can run now (I think it's 7 miles a day??), but the day after we picked her up from graduation, she left for a week long Business Training event for high schoolers at a nearby college. (She would have never asked to go to something like this a year ago! LOL) So I'll have to update you on that later, k? All I know is that she's now one very physically fit young lady! ;-D


  1. Congratulations, Katie!

  2. Congratulations Katie! What a great achievement. The hard work paid off. And congrats to the whole family, that certainly was a team effort!


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