Monday, September 20, 2010

Joining the Handmadeology Team

Yippeee! I'm SO excited to announce that I'm now the newest Team Member of the wonderful Handmadeology website! I've been following founder Timothy Adam's blog articles for a while, as they are full of great information and tips on how to achieve better success as an Etsy seller and self-marketing artisan. Even if you're not involved with Etsy, there are wonderful articles on his new site that include things like "Handmade Features" and "Crafty Ideas" where artisans from all over the world share their design ideas and "how-to" steps on a wide variety of handcrafted projects. There's also a "Modern Design" section for those of you who love more contemporary design.

But I have to warn you—with all these great design sources, PLUS a super Forum and anything and everything relating to Etsy on this one website, I've been finding it hard to log off and actually get some work done because I've been so fascinated by all the cool things I've been learning there! LOL

And oh, yeah—you can also follow this site through his Facebook Fan Page and Twitter. (By the way, I recently took the plunge and joined the Twittering flock myself, so I'd love it if you would click on my "follow me" button on the right, so I won't feel so lonely out in cyberspace?! ;-D)

I hope you'll mosey on over and check it out for yourself—I promise, you'll love it as much as I do! And if you happen to catch any of my Guest Blogger articles, I'd love to hear some comments on how I'm doing and any suggestions on what article subjects you'd be most interested in reading in the future. *Ü*

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  1. Thanks Lori, will check it out. I've subscribed already a long time ago to the Handmadeology newsletter and love all their insights and tricks.


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