Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Making a Good Impression

 (Note: This is an article I just wrote for Handmadeology, but Tim was nice enough to let me publish it here too. Be sure to check out his site for other great marketing ideas!)

I don't know about you, but I LOVE getting packages in the mail. It doesn't even matter if it's something I've ordered myself—I just get a thrill every time and can't wait to see if what's inside is as wonderful as I'm hoping it will be! So when I started selling my beads and jewelry on Etsy, one of the things I wanted to do was to try and give my customers that same thrill by wrapping my items in pretty boxes, along with one of my cards with a handwritten note of thanks inside (color coordinated to make even Martha Stewart proud, of course). I'd like to think it makes them feel extra special and valued—which they are—and it makes me so happy to get their feedback over how much they enjoyed not only my beads, but the way in which they were presented.

Another reason for my doing this is to bring my marketing techniques up a notch, because I feel that helps my shop stand out from all the others. Kind of what we sellers should all be aiming to do, right? ;-D Along with the pretty stuff, I tie a handmade tag with my name and contact information to the ribbon bow. These are the same tags I use to mark my finished jewelry at craft shows, so whoever ends up with my designs can easily find me in the future. Tags like this are a snap to make—all it takes is a simple graphics or text program, a printer and a circle punch. If you don't have the right software, you can also try taking your handwritten or stamped designs to your local copy center to print them out. Another great way to feature your logo or contact information is to make your own stickers, either on your computer with special paper, or through a company like MOO (

It takes extra time and effort to go the extra mile like this, but I know my customers really appreciate it and remember me and my service long after the sale is over—and hopefully come back for more in the future. Many of you probably don't have scrapbook papers and ribbon overflowing your studio like I do, but there are still a lot of great ways you can make a creative presentation with your own packages. For instance, if you sell organic items, how about wrapping them in stamped kraft paper and simple twine? If you're into shabby chic objects, how about wrapping them up with a bow made from a scrap of vintage fabric? If you sell baked goods or candy, how about writing a thank you note on the back of one of your favorite recipe cards? You get the idea!

So get out there and make a great impression of your own! *Ü*


  1. Great article Lori. And I love the way you're packaging your beads.
    Something I still need to tackle. I do use a nice business card, box and ribbon ... but nothing as sophisticated and cute as your presentation! Well done!

  2. Debora Cox8:30 PM PDT

    thank you for your great words of wisdom! I LOVE your packaging and also believe that it makes that extra difference. I need to do some circle punching next time around - it looks so great!


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