Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Find: Mouse Cushions

Today I wanted to share a nice "find" I made a few weeks ago, while browsing through a local department store: Mouse Cushions by a company called IMAK. Now, before you start thinking these are something you use to decorate your furry little mouse or hamster condo with, think again! LOL I actually found these on sale in the electronics section and they are made to work next to your computer mouse as a wrist support. But when I first saw them, I immediately thought how great they would be for my torching area!

Proper ergonomics is very important for anything where you are doing a lot of repetitive work over a period of time—because who wants to suffer while they're trying to enjoy a favorite hobby or job? My Creation Station is great for supporting my wrists and forearms while I create beads (sometimes for up to 5-6 hours straight), but the skimpy elbow pads weren't quite adequate for me, especially during these longer torching sessions. I'd been planning on making my own elbow rest pads out of leather and rice—but honestly, when would I ever really find the time?! So I bought a pair of these Mouse Cushions to try out and they work even better than I hoped they would!

I ended up turning them in the opposite direction of how they were intended, because I found that positioning them that way was the most comfortable for me. And I discovered that the material is not only super soft, but it's also flame retardant—which is definitely a plus when working around a 1,500 degree flame!

So whether you're a fellow lampworker—or work with another craft that requires you to use your wrists or elbows on a hard surface—you might want to give something like this a try. You'll be amazed at how such a small thing can make such a big difference at the end of the day! *Ü*


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