Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Find: Plano 7771 Tackle Box

I'm not what you would consider a Shopaholic who likes to frequent retail stores all the time, but I love to hunt for a great "find"—especially in places like rambling antique shops, thrift stores, flea markets, and questionable spots like old barns or the dark interior of a basement garage sale. To me, a "find" is usually either a unique older item or a new one that can be re-purposed to a cool new use—and for a great price too! I usually don't have a specific thing in mind when I go on these adventures—but I definitely know it when I see it, and the thrill of discovery rivals the Christmas Day rush!

So I decided that I would like to start a new weekly post called "Friday Finds" where I will share special tools, materials, books, and other random discoveries that I've made that I love to use in my work. I hope you will enjoy it and share a few "finds" of your own with me too!

This first one is definitely one of my favorites and I use it all the time: my Plano tackle box. I've been using tackle boxes for my small scrapbooking items like brads, buttons, and mixed media items for many years, but I wanted a different kind with more organizing options to hold as much of my jewelry making supplies as possible. I searched high and low, and the model I liked best was the Plano 7771, but it was too pricey for me and I decided to wait for a sale. A few weeks later, while driving to my in-law's home, I saw a wholesale tools store and decided to check it out on a whim. Imagine my delight when I found it at a great discount?! waahoooo!!

What I love best about this particular model is that it has several shallow, compartmentalized bins, as well as larger areas where I can store my odd-sized items. And it's portable, so I can bring it with me anywhere I'd like to work. This is a great thing to take to craft fairs and the Farmer's Market, where I can whip up a pendant or charm right there if a customer likes my loose beads, but doesn''t know how to make her own jewelry.

This is a section built into the top of the lid, where I keep a lot of the items that I need quick access to, such as headpins, wire spools, and little projects I'm working on.

This is the next compartment down when you lift the entire lid up. It's perfect for my larger containers and will even hold a small beading tray. The smaller section on the right is a little deeper and also holds my wire working tools.

How's this for an organizing dream come true?! The 4 larger containers are nice and shallow, so they're perfect for storing most of my semi-precious stones and special beads—all by color, of course! The 3 smaller containers on the right hold all of my sterling findings, which I have separated in small watch case clear jars.

This is not all of my jewelry supplies, but it's a large chunk of it—most of my sterling and higher quality items, as well as my main tools. It really saves me time running around looking for things and I love how it's my own little "studio on the go." Even if you're not a jewelry maker, a tackle box like this would be wonderful for storing other small items—whatever your hobby is! *Ü*

P.S.—pssst! In case you're looking for goodies to stock your own box with, you can also find my handmade lampwork beads and metal clay charms in my Etsy store at or buy directly from me through my Facebook Fan page by clicking HERE.


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