Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Notes to Self

  1) Wake up early to make sure girls don't miss the bus… again.

  2) Catch up on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and emails.

  3) Verify am really registered for CHA and didn't single-handedly crash their site yesterday after feverishly signing up for the workshops.

  4) Prime laundry room cabinets and 6 doors.

(Note to self: plan to tell hubby you're not happy with how he forgot to clean up after sanding the cabinets and left you to do it before painting.)

  5) Run some errands, pick up a healthy salad and Diet Coke for lunch, and sneak in some delicious McD's french fries.

(Note to self: try to resist the french fries next time!)

  6) Take advantage of the sunny, clear day and impulsively run outside to take photos of the gorgeous fall colors in the yard before everything disappears.

(Note to self: I really should do this more often!)

  7) Turn on kiln to prepare to make beads.

  8) Realize you forgot to close the heat vent in front of the torching area the last time you made beads, and that's probably why the bedrooms have been so cold the last few nights.

(Note to self: maybe now wouldn't be such a good time to criticize the hubby for his sanding faux pas—so let's just call us even.)

  9) Stuff kiln full of new beads and cross fingers they still look good in the morning.

10) Have a mild panic attack because the entire family is coming over for Thanksgiving dinner and the house is not even close to being ready.

11) Self-medicate with leftover chocolate from Halloween.

12) Work on new bronze clay charms and prepare a blog post about them.

13) Take a much needed dinner break and spend some time with the family.

(Note to self: thank God again for a hubby who enjoys cooking dinner.)

14) Make a new "to do" list for tomorrow.


  1. Wow! That is a lot to do in one day. You GO!!! Now can you send some of that energy my way?

  2. HAH! Why do you think I only survive by making all my lists and notes?!? ;-D Actually, this is more like a typical day for me, but some days I just laze around and read, and others are twice as crazy and I don't have a second to spare. My energy boost is called "deadlines!" LOL


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