Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Taste of Winter

Over the past few days, we've had our first Fall snowfall of the year—which started out small, then came on with a vengeance yesterday and ended up causing quite a stir on the highways with slick, icy roads and downed power lines. Luckily, Kraig has been taking off a few days for the Thanksgiving holiday, and didn't have to drive through all that!

This morning, we woke up to a pristine white wonderland and it is so beautiful! I love fresh snowfall… as long as I don't have to go out into it for very long. I'm much more of a "stay inside with a warm cup of cocoa, a cozy sweater and slippers" kind of gal! But I did slip on some boots and a coat so that I could run outside and snap some quick photos of our yard:

Even before the snow came, I've been inspired by the winter theme in my bead making. Here are a few sets that I've been having a lot of fun making:

Snowballs & Ice Blue Disks
Ice Blue Ribbed Sparkle Spheres
Silver Gold Sparkle Cubes
The girls were thrilled that school was canceled and begged me to come outside and make a snowman with them, but the snow was so light and powdery, nothing would stick together. But it's supposed to stay cold for the next few days, so maybe we'll get a chance to make one later on? I hope all the rest of you who may be experiencing similar weather are staying warm and enjoying the wintry fun too! *Ü*


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