Monday, December 6, 2010

Custom Personalized Monogram Pendants

I'm so excited to show you another new design that I've been working on: Custom Monogram Pendants! They are handmade by me out of bronze metal clay, using a filigree vine alphabet stamp that I think has a lovely vintage feeling about it. To add extra interest, I've combined it with a creamy white freshwater pearl and Swarovski crystal in your choice of colors to match your birthstone or favorite color.

I love how bronze has such a warm, rich character to it and looks great on any skin tone color. And it's much more affordable than Precious Metal Clay (PMC), although the time and care involved in the creation and finish work is the pretty much the same for any of the clay types. I hope to offer this design in a few other alphabet styles and in a fine silver and sterling necklace, but will probably wait a bit to see how this bronze version does in my Etsy and ArtFire shops first.

I know it's cutting it a little close to the Christmas shopping deadline, but I was thinking that these would make wonderful unique and sentimental gifts. (I know there are definitely two daughters who will be finding one in their stockings this year? sshhhhh!) And after the Christmas holidays are over, I'll still be making these since I think they'd also be great for wedding party, birthday, and friendship gifting as well.

I'd love to hear what you think of this design and what type of letting styles and metal finishes would you like to see next? *Ü*

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  1. Lori...these are gorgeous. And, I love the bronze (antique brass) look - it's what I primarily use in the making of my jewelry.



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