Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Christmas Eve, before the "feeding frenzy"…

This this morning, the opening of gifts commenced! We had to let Indy open his gift first, because he absolutely loves getting presents on Christmas and is smart enough to expect one each year. Poor Romeo isn't quite so smart and hid in the Family Room. (We think he had a traumatizing experience in his past life involving kids and flying gift wrap paper??)

Ashley and Katie loved all their gifts, but this was their reaction when Kraig presented them with gifts from "Santa" at the very end—snazzy new MacBook Air laptop computers…(you might want to plug your ears)…

We probably won't see or hear them again for a week?! ;-D

And if you're wondering what that honkin' box beside the tree was, here's Kraig sitting in his special present (wearing some of his other gifts)—a full back massage chair with all sorts of cool features. It works so well, he decided to go take a nap!

I was blessed with many wonderful gifts as well—including a full "Handyman Tool Kit" in pink, a cordless Dremel for cleaning my beads, and a gorgeous Artisan-made necklace that I admired in Maui during our summer vacation (sneaky hubby had it all this time!!). But I'm wondering how it worked out that I'm the one that got all the power tools this year?!?? LOL

Now I'm going to finish enjoying my delicious coffee cake Kraig baked for us, read a bit of my new book, and get ready for a nice visit from my in-laws for Christmas dinner. I hope that you are having a wonderful morning as well and that the rest of your Christmas Day is very special. Don't forget to wish Jesus a "Happy Birthday" too! *Ü*


  1. Merry Christmas to you guys!

  2. Merry Christmas!!!

    Looks like the whole family (including Indy) had a blast.
    Love the pics with the girl's reactions to their funky MacBooks. And what a clever idea to give yourself a bit of peace and quiet in the next couple of days LOL.

  3. That was the screetching heard this morning! Your girls. Looks like they were thrilled. When can I come over and try out Kraig's chair, looks comfy!!! Watch out Kraig!.


  4. Your husband bakes coffee cake??? He deserves that chair. :) Merry Christmas to you and your family, Lori! Looks like you had a great day!

  5. Thank you so much, ladies! *Ü*

    Shirley: Kraig loved getting Jimmy's text—he must have been feeling so jealous?! ;-D

    Judith: we had to fight to get the girls to turn their computers in to us at bedtime. We were afraid they would turn into zombies using them 24 hrs.?! LOL

    Lara: you'll probably have to fight me over that chair too, now that I had a chance to try it out! ;-D

    Lauren: Yes, my hubby cooks most of the meals in our family—aren't I one lucky girl?!

    Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas day too! *Ü*


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