Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Find: Leather Welding Apron

Here's a "find" that I use almost every day—a thick leather welder's apron that I found at my local Harbor Freight Tools store for under $15 (and right now it's on sale for under $7 too!)

This tough guy has saved my hide more than once from flying bits of sharp, molten glass (pun intended! ;-D). I love how it has pockets on the bottom where I can put handy items like lip gloss and tissues. And the top pocket is perfect for holding my iPod while I rock out to tunes as I work.

The only things I don't like about it is:
1) It's dyed orange and makes me look like I work at Home Depot, plus I'm a "Winter" not an "Autumn" and orange definitely doesn't suit my skin tone,
2) The dye tends to rub off onto my clothes, and
3) Whenever hot glass lands on it, I smell like a freshly branded cow.

Imagine if this had landed directly on my lap? EEK!

But I guess those are small things to complain about, since I wear old work clothes anyway whenever I'm working at the torch (no need to accessorize my good ones with tiny burn holes, right?) and I'd rather smell funny than get an odd looking tattoo on my skin! LOL I'm going to also try sealing the backside with a suede/leather spray and see if that helps with the dye transfer problem?

Safety is my Number One priority while playing with any of my creative stuff—so protection while working with potentially dangerous items is always a good thing. I've only had hot glass land on me a few times over the past 3 years, but it only takes that one scary accident to learn this valuable lesson! If you work with anything like glass (hot or cold), chemicals, metal solder, sharp tools, etc., wearing something like this could save you from harm and make your "play time" a lot more fun. And you'd be so stylish at the same time too! *Ü*

1 comment:

  1. Great find & price. Need to get me one.
    And I can see what you mean about those handy pockets - to hold all the important items .. like lip gloss LOL!
    You're a hoot!


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