Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pantone Spring 2011 Forecast

Look at all the beautiful colors that will be coming to stores and fashion houses for this Spring! Definitely something to look forward to after the long, gray months of Winter have passed.

I love all the strong, but muted pastels and already have some great color combos mixing together in my head. I'll be showcasing these soon, so stayed tuned, folks! *Ü*


  1. I thought that the last time I was here, I left a comment! Who knows?!? What I thought I said was this...I love ALL of the colors, with the exception of the Peapod, Blue Curacao and Regatta - I guess I'm just not that much of a warm blue girl. Could that be why the "islands" don't entice me? LOL!!

    Have a GREAT week! (I'm crocheting this week!)

  2. Thanks so much, Rose! I never did see your first comment, so I'm sorry it got lost somewhere in cyberspace? My week has been super busy, so I haven't had any play time at the torch to showcase any of these new colors yet. Hoping to remedy that over this weekend! ;-D


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