Saturday, March 5, 2011

Desktop Screen Saver Fun

The girls and I enjoy playing a little game, where if they can sneak on to my computer while I'm still logged on, they get to change out my desktop screen saver image with anything they want. The "rules" are that it can't been too scary or so ugly that I can't concentrate on my work and I have to leave it up there for at least the next 24 hours. This is what I found staring at me on my screen earlier this morning…

Well, at least it's cute, right?! Because the last time Ashley put a sloth on my screen, it was a fully grown adult and very creepy—I couldn't wait to take it off after a day!! LOL

I've had a circus of images to surprise me every few days—ranging from weird hedgehog cartoons to lettuce eating giant tortoises. And I have to admit, sometimes I leave the room just to see if they'll notice and run in to post something else they think is utterly hilarious. But my very favorite time was when Katie uploaded a hunky photo of Hugh Jackman (one of my favorite actors). Hubba, hubba! I left that one up all week—until one of them snuck back in and changed it on me! *Ü*


  1. Ok, that is just the best little game - how fun! And I love their most recent choice!

  2. Thanks, Lauren! Yeah, I might just have to leave this little guy (or girl??) up for a few more days?! ;-D


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