Monday, March 21, 2011

Signs of Spring

After months and months of the dreary gray and rainy days of Winter, I'm overjoyed at the news that Spring officially arrived yesterday! Waaaaahooo! As if on cue, the sun came out to give a cheerful presence and I just had to run outside and snap some quick photos of the little bursts of color that are starting to appear in my garden…

Ashley's Primroses

I forgot what the tiny purple flowers are called since we planted them as bulbs several years ago, but they look so sweet poking their way up through the dead leaves, along with some grape hyacinths. The primroses were already starting to bloom over the past few weeks, and after a few surprise winter storms they're looking just a little bedraggled—but that doesn't stop them from putting on good show! ;-) As always, one of my favorite creative inspirations is from flowers, so here are some of the beads that I worked on during my last torching session…

I love how these swirly purple and green multicolored nuggets turned out! I made and sold a bracelet a few years ago with similar beads—and I've been wanting to make another one just for me ever since. (FYI: in case you're wondering if I'm getting a little goofy with my color combinations—no, those jade green spacers aren't meant to go with them! LOL).

Along with strong cravings to create more colorful beads, I've also been spring cleaning the house like crazy and am feeling an overwhelming urge to donate and/or throw away half of all the *stuff* that is taking up space in our home and garage. How did we ever manage to collect it all?!? Granted, the majority of it is my own art/craft supplies and home decor stuff! LOL I'm notorious for buying things on impulse because I love it and think that I would like to use it on a project in the future. I usually resist getting rid of them because "I never know when I'll need it for (fill in the blank)." But I think I'm finally at the point where I'd rather have a more decluttered home than hold on to "what ifs."

How about you? What sort of things are you looking forward to starting out fresh this Spring season? *Ü*


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