Friday, April 22, 2011


I know I haven't been a very faithful blogger this week, but I have a good excuse—honest! I've been slaving away at the torch each day, making hundreds of new beads and getting ready to participate in my first really big art/craft show called Art & Elegance in Portland, OR next weekend. To say that I'm starting to stress out a little would be a major understatement!

For one thing, I'll be at one of the smaller "co-op" tables and will have only about 4 feet of surface to display everything on. I usually have an 8-foot table when I attend our local Farmer's Market, so I'm having to do some very creative rearranging to see how much I can squeeze in at one time. ;-)

But even more importantly, I'm anxious about what to bring to sell, since I've never attended this event and have no idea what to expect. Will customers want more loose beads or finished jewelry? What if they really like one necklace style, but I only bring 5 of them? Or what if I take a gamble and bring 20 of a certain design and they sit there all day, with a horde of crickets chirping all over them? LOL

So can I ask for a little advice? I know I want to bring a lot of my nature-themed beads because they've proven popular sellers in my shops and Treasuries (plus, it's very representative of my personal style). But I've heard that bright colored things seem to be selling the best lately, so I've whipped up a few fun things like this:

Blue Leopard Set

What do you think? How about a purple version?

I've been spoiled in that I've only done local shows so far, and can easily run home to grab more items if I need to. With Portland being several hours away and no torches allowed in my hotel room, I'm dealing with the added pressure of deciding what to bring that will make the most impact on my small space.

So I've put together a little informal poll located in the upper right corner of my sidebar with other ideas I have to bring. I would love to get your input on which of these designs you would like to see (and buy?) if you were attending the show? You can vote on as many ideas as you like and I really appreciate your help! *Ü*


  1. can you bring an extra tub of things to keep at your booth? That way if there is one really popular item, you can replenish your stock.

    i did a show once where i put out a few clay rings. i didn't think they would be that popular, but i sold out and everyone kept coming by asking where they were. i wished i had more with me to replenish my display!

  2. Wow that's a hard decision to make! I voted, but may not be much help because I voted for most on the list :P Hopefully it works out and you have something for everyone, and can successfully illustrate your range of designs well enough. Bring your most unique pieces, what makes your stand out from the others in your co-op :) Good luck too!

  3. I agree with Jenny. I always bring extras...put out a little of everything and replenish what sells.

    When sharing a booth, maximize your vertical real estate as much as possible... If you can go UP, you can still put out nearly as much as you can with a whole table to yourself.

    Lastly, invest in a E-photo frame. Load it with lots of images of EVERYTHING you do but in a mixed order. Have it playing in your booth. I've sold stuff from those photos!!!

    Good Luck Lori!! Sell bunches and bunches!!!

  4. Thank you very much for your wonderful ideas, Jenny and Patrice! I will definitely use them and the poll votes are really helping me to decide what designs to focus on too! *Ü*

  5. Oooh, brilliant idea about the e-reader display, Holly! I guess I have even more reason to splurge on that iPad, huh? ;-D


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