Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Find: New Workshop and Washers

With a crazy title like this, you're probably wondering what in the world this post will be about, eh? Well, I figured since I haven't posted a Friday Find in a while, I'd treat you with a double-dose of some great items I've discovered recently! *Ü*

First, I wanted to tell you about a wonderful new book called "Wire Art Jewelry Workshop" by fabulous artist and author, Sharilyn Miller. Let me tell you—this book is chock full of awesome projects, techniques, tips, and beautifully photographed inspiration—PLUS, an instructional DVD! I had originally checked it out from my local library, but immediately fell in love with it, beginning with when I saw her Tools and Materials list. As soon as my eyes spied the words "Harbor Freight," I just knew this was going to be my kind of fun!

Two projects into reading the book, I had already decided I wanted to buy it for myself. Then, later that day, I was telling my husband about how much I was enjoying reading it while we were browsing the book table at Costco, when lo and behold—there it was!! (I could swear I heard a heavenly chorus of angels singing "aaaaaaahhaaaaaaaahh!!"). I pounced on it like a crazy woman who had just found a long lost treasure, and was still grinning ear to ear, even as we waited in the long check out line (which anyone who shops at Costco can tell you, certainly isn't the norm! LOL).

Which brings me to my second "find" of the week: As soon as I was able, I rushed over to Habor Freight and picked up the same box of assorted copper washers that Sharilyn recommends in her book. I had no idea they were there and had been getting my washers a few at a time at another local hardware store. This is so much easier, and at a better price too!

I had a chance to play with them a bit and here's some of the fun things you can do with washers for your jewelry and other creative projects:

L to R: plain, hammered, textured with acrylic paint patina, textured and blackened

Isn't it cool how a utilitarian item like a plain metal washer can be turned into something lovely like this? I can't wait to play with these more, try out some of Sharilyn's projects from the book, and see what other creative sparks start to fly!

What kind of plain objects like this do you like to work with and transform?

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  1. Those washers are so cool. What a fun way to use a utilitarian object. I really like the blue/green one.



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