Friday, May 6, 2011

Introducing: Simply Stackables

Now that I'm really getting into making European Charm Beads (aka "big-hole beads") I wanted to be able to offer them in a finished jewelry style that would give my customers a fresh and more versatile way to use them. What did I come up with? A long necklace featuring several of my lampwork glass beads that can be mixed and matched to suit any wardrobe!

I'm calling this new collection "Simply Stackables" and am having so much fun creating these. The best part is that you can easily slide off the beads and put new ones on, in any configuration you like. Plus, the same beads can also be used on any European Charm bracelet, such as Pandora and Troll brands. I can't say that I invented this design, as I've seen similar versions over the years, but I gave it my own twist and have a few more other neat ideas coming out soon. Here is what the basic design looks like:

It hangs on a lovely 32" textured chain that easily slips over your head instead of having to use a clasp. All of my Stackable necklaces will have one of my handmade bronze metal clay charms used as a sort of bead cap on the top to finish them off at the top, and most will also have one of my bronze charms at the bottom. Here are some of my other designs that I will be listing in my Etsy and ArtFire shops soon:

To make these as affordable as possible, I didn't core the big-hole beads (or BHBs) with sterling silver tubing and used other metals like brass with a beautiful antique patina. But if the customer would like to upgrade their necklace to have sterling silver chain, fine silver charms and BHBs with a core of silver, brass, or copper for a dressier look, I can do that too (I love the challenge of custom orders!).

What do you think? *Ü*


  1. I LOVE THEM!!!!! Such a good idea and with your great color since and charms, they are perfect.

    Did I say I love them enough yet?!?

  2. Beautiful Lori!
    (and I saw the necklaces today in person, they are simply adorable)


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