Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Stuff

Yesterday, I went shopping with my friend and fellow lampwork artist, Judith Billig, to pick up some new glass at a place called Olympic Color Rods in Seattle. What started out as a simple *quick* trip with just a few items on our respective shopping lists, somehow managed to turn into a 2+ hour drool-fest—and we both ended up with quite a bit more in our baskets than we had planned on! LOL

After much ooohing and aaaahing, with occasional outbursts of delight from both of us as we explored the shelves containing hundreds of colors (which I'm sure gave a laugh or two for all the people working there!), this is what I ended up taking home with me…

Okay, everyone needs to repeat after me now… "YUMMILICIOUS!"

I just couldn't resist all the gorgeous colors that remind me of a beautiful English garden or the seaside—and even now am regretting the couple of bundles that I put back in a pathetic effort to "be good" with my budget. Who was I kidding?!  I can't wait to try these out, and am hoping to get my first chance over the next few days. In the meantime, I've listed a few new goodies in my Etsy shop…

Tiger European Charm Bead
Zebra Stripes European Charm Bead
Dragonwing Focal

Now what should I make with my new glass?… *Ü*


  1. That is an "eat your heart out" pile of glass. Is it Reichenbach you are working with or Moretti? Such beautiful colors!

  2. Hi, Sharon!
    It's all Reichenbach 96 and 104 COE, as well as some Zimmerman 96 COE. Wish they had more of these colors in 104! ;-D

  3. LOL - I was so in "ohhh-ahhhh" mode that I couldn't wait to sort my glass into the shelf. I even forgot to make a pic of my new glass! :)
    That was a fabulous trip and I can't wait for a trip to Gaffer (as soon as our glass budget recovered again).

  4. Judith~You name the date and you know I'll be there, credit card and big shopping basket at the ready! LOL

  5. Hahahaha, absolutely I drool for those colors in 104 - maybe some day. On the topic of a recovering budget - with all the new glass will that ever happen? Somehow it seems doubtful, LOL


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