Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pantone Color Forecast: Honeysuckle

The 2011 Pantone Color Forecast introduced us to two shades of pink for Spring: the first one is called "Honeysuckle," which is a gorgeous shade of reddish pink that just screams "yumminess!" and was also named 2011 Color of the Year. This is one of my favorite colors ever—a shade of luscious raspberry pink that is vibrant, elegant, and looks great on any skin tone. I'm so happy to know that we'll be seeing this wonderful color in the fashion trends all year long!

In terms of glass colors, there are several options to choose from, although they are a bit expensive since all pink glass has gold in it to achieve its rich color. For more budget-friendly designs, you could try using frit (which is crushed bits of glass) over the surface of your bead design instead of a solid color, such as in my bracelet shown in the above photo. These pretty lentil beads were created with a frit blend called "Cherry Blossom" by Glass Diversions, and combined with pink opals.

Another frit blend that comes close to Honeysuckle is "Pink Ribbon," but it is a little on the lighter side when used over a white base. You could try it over a regular pink such as Effetre's Bubblegum Pink or Creation is Messy's Gelly's Sty to increase the density of the pink effect.

Pink Ribbon frit blend

If you prefer to use a solid rod, here are some 104 COE glass colors that match the closest:

Veiled Rubino Oro (Effetre), a streaky version of regular Rubino

Opal Raspberry (Reichenbach)

Pearl Pink (Reichenbach), also similar to Mystic Pink

Cranberry Pink (Creation is Messy)

Rubino Oro, aka "Gold Pink" is also a great dark transparent glass to use, but can be very saturated (similar to CiM's Cranberry Pink) and the actual shade can range from hot pink to fushia purple-pinks, depending on the batch it came from. If you like to work with 96 COE glass, I found that Reichenbach's opaque "Bright Pink" is a nice match and very similar to Opal Raspberry, but just a tiny bit pinker in tone.

I will be reviewing the second pink color in the forecast in my next post, so stay tuned, folks! *Ü*


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