Thursday, May 19, 2011

Spring, Finally

Well, it's about time, too, right?! *Ü* I went outside to put some packages in my mailbox and lo, and behold, I noticed that my lilacs were open and scenting the air with their wonderful perfume, my azaleas were a riot of color, and my maple tree now has tender young leaves! This all happened practically overnight, as I don't remember seeing those leaves even just two days ago?! LOL It puts me in such a great mood, to see that Spring has finally sprung around here, no thanks to getting delayed by all this crazy weather we've been having over the past few months. Here are some of the new lovelies I can now see out in my front yard:

After days and weeks on end of dreary skies, rain and—yes, even sleet!—it's lovely being able to step outside into the warm sunshine and soak up the joy of Spring again. Because I tell ya, I was starting to get a little cabin crazy and depressed because Winter was clinging so hard to this year.

In a way, this is a perfect analogy for life, wouldn't you agree? We all have periods of time when life seems so gray and cold, without much beauty or hope—but then God opens a window to let the sun stream in with an unexpected blessing that lightens our spirits. We know He promises to make it happen—and although we don't know exactly when, we can trust that He definitely will (and funny how it always comes at the times when we need it the most?!)

What are you experiencing right now—Winter or Spring? If it's still wintertime in  your life right now, I promise—Spring is coming soon! *Ü*


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