Thursday, June 23, 2011

Team Divas Needs YOU!!

Edited to add: After 2 weeks, 10,644 votes, and 97 Facebook "likes," the Fire Divas and I are proud to announce that we won 2nd Place!!! Pretty doggone great showing, considering we were competing with 28 other fabulous Etsy teams and we were one of the smallest ones!? Thanks to all of you for your fantastic efforts to help us promote this fun event!

The Fire Divas are off and running! For the next two weeks the members of the Divas will be in a sort of Handmade Marathon. We are competing in Handmadeology's Handmade Top 10 Etsy Team Challenge. The prize for the team with the most points in the judging categories will win $450.00 worth of marketing advertising! We love a good race and competition and showing all of our fans what the Divas are made of!

Starting June 22nd, we will be adding our creative works of glass art to our official "Fire Divas Team" Handmade Top 10 List HERE. So we would love for you—our friends, family, and fans—to serve as the Divas Cheerleaders! Your mission: vote, vote, vote! Also to please click on the little Facebook logo on the left side after you vote to "like" our special team section. And if you're a Tweeter, then by all means, tweet us! And in appreciation for your time and support, there will be special prizes awarded at the end of the two weeks to FIVE (5) of our lucky fans!!!! You can be entered in a random drawing for one of these prizes by:

1) Leaving one comment entry HERE after the original post on the Fire Divas blog for each day that you've voted for our team listings (only ONE comment PER day for voting, no matter how many times you've voted during that day),  

and get even MORE chances by doing any of these functions:

2) Hitting the Facebook logo after you vote to "like" our team list,
3) Hitting the Twitter button on the same page after you vote to post a Tweet, (and you can also tweet as many times as you want from this same button link on this page during the 2 weeks—that's how they add to our score!).
4) Putting the Fire Divas Team List link ( on your blog, Facebook, fan page, Twitter, or website to help spread the word.

For doing any of these things, you need to enter them as separate comments (and thus, increase your chances of winning!). But please only post ONE comment PER function, even if, for example, you've posted to your Facebook page several times during the competition.

You can vote as often as you like over the next 2 weeks—and remember, this is a team competition and not an individual one—so please try and vote for all the listings in our section to help give us the highest voting scores. *Ü* And the more you vote and help spread the word through social media sites, the more chances you'll get to win some super prizes from the Fire Divas! (We'll be posting photos of the prizes later on our Fan Page throughout the competition.) Simply click on the orange title bar below or in the upper right corner of the sidbar to start voting.

*** psssttt! If you've also "liked" my Fan Page, you can enter to win one of my fabulous Zebra stripe focal beads by leaving me a comment there too! ***

This is the time to get out your Pom-Poms and show the Divas how much love you have for our awesome team of glass girls!!!!


Friday, June 17, 2011

Fire Divas "Fairy Tale" Challenge

*** Edited to add: I'm shocked and excited to announce that I was the one who won this month's Diva challenge!! YAY! It's my first time and what an honor to win when I had so much wonderful competition! I've edited all the photos so you can see the names of all the amazing artists who made the other entries. Did you guess my entry right? Thanks to everyone who entered our contest and gave my bead the winning votes! ***

"Frog Prince" by yours truly!

It's time for another fabulous Monthly Challenge from the Fire Divas! The theme of this month's June challenge is "Fairy Tales!" Below are entries from the Divas and—as I'm sure you can tell—it's going to one tough pick!

Because we so greatly value our loyal fans and customers, we would love for you to choose your favorite piece by voting in our special poll located HERE on the upper right corner of the Fire Divas blog. After you're done voting, make sure to leave a comment after the original blog post from that direct link and you'll be entered to win a great prize from one of the Fire Divas too! 

*** The poll closes on Monday, June 20th, and the winning bead and blog comment post will be announced the following Tuesday. ***

You can click on any of these photos to see a larger, detailed view of these beautiful pieces. As you can probably tell, this month's theme provided a lot of wonderful inspiration and really brought out some of our best work!

Patrice of shepherdcreations
Lara of Lutrick
Holly of HollysFollyGlass
Michelle of SunDoorBeads
Rosemarie of spawnofflame

Aren't these some awesome beads?!?! I'm excited to be participating in this fun Challenge and will reveal which one is my entry after the poll has closed the winners have been announced. Hope you have fun guessing and please don't forget to vote! *Ü*

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Katie's H.S. Graduation

I know I promised photos soon after my last post, but with the fun and chaos of visiting with my family and then dealing with crazy seasonal allergy symptoms, I'm afraid I didn't get to this line on my "to do" list crossed off quite as quickly as I thought I would. But I wanted to share some photos and the news about my daughter Katie's graduation from high school last Friday and I hope you'll join me in celebration of this wonderful milestone in her/our life!

First of all, I wanted to share some photos I took of her during our family trip to Italy in April. They were deliberately intended as her "Senior Pics" and while I really like how many of them turned out, I'm kicking myself that I forgot to switch to my 50mm lens. We're planning on going out to some cool local spots and do another photo session soon to see if I can get some even better shots, but these are some of my favorites so far…

Just looking through these again makes my heart melt and I can't believe my "baby" has grown up into such a beautiful young woman?!

My Mom, brother and sister and their families all came up from California to visit for several days and help us celebrate Katie's big day too. We had such a great time visiting, shopping, sight-seeing, and cheering her on! And yes, we even managed to sneak in a few bead-making lessons! ;-D

Katie got to walk down the aisle with her best friend (and my "adopted son"), Kele and we were surprised and very touched when Mrs. Wolfe, the teacher who was the special speaker, pointed her out by name as one of her biggest inspirational Seniors of the year!

Katie, indeed, has traveled quite a long, winding road to reach this place in her life—and our family had a difficult time for a few years—but when she switched gears and hit the "reset button" of her life last year, she finally began to show everyone the results of the potential greatness we all knew she had in her. As one of the testimonials to this, she was accepted to Whitworth University, which is a very highly regarded private Christian college located in Spokane, WA (so at least she won't be going too far away from us yet!). She's planning on majoring in Journalism/Communication with a minor in Art. We're all SO very proud of her and can't wait to see all the wonderful things we know she'll experience during these next four years of college!

Congratulations, Katie!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Crunch Time!

I'm so sorry, but I won't have time to post a Friday Find today like I had planned…my oldest daughter, Katie, is graduating from high school today and things have been a little crazy this past week. Plus, I have family coming in to visit for a few days and it took a while to whip my home back into any semblance of a properly run household. LOL I'll post more tomorrow, but in the meantime, here are some beads I made last week that I've been listing up in my Etsy shop whenever I have a spare minute:

Pink Leopard European Charm Bead
Zebra European Charm Bead
Snow Leopard European Charm Bead
Pink Paisley
Aqua Blue Hollows

I hope you enjoy this little bit of eye candy for this week and have a wonderful weekend too! *Ü*

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bead Trends Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations goes out to Jen of Storm Coast Creations as the winner of my Bead Trends Givewaway! She was commenter No. 1 with this lovely comment:

"That necklace is beautiful! My favorite flower (I don't know if it's a spring flower?) is the sunflower. It's so bright and cheerful and big!"

And as I visited her lovely blog for the first time, I realized that yesterday was also her birthday—so how fun that she won this prize on her special day too!?! Happy Belated Birthday, Jen and I hope you find loads of great inspiration and enjoy all the beautiful eye candy in this magazine!

Thank you to all who joined in on the fun HERE and left so many nice comments too. Please stop by and visit again—you never know when I'll be offering another fun giveaway again?! *Ü*
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