Friday, June 17, 2011

Fire Divas "Fairy Tale" Challenge

*** Edited to add: I'm shocked and excited to announce that I was the one who won this month's Diva challenge!! YAY! It's my first time and what an honor to win when I had so much wonderful competition! I've edited all the photos so you can see the names of all the amazing artists who made the other entries. Did you guess my entry right? Thanks to everyone who entered our contest and gave my bead the winning votes! ***

"Frog Prince" by yours truly!

It's time for another fabulous Monthly Challenge from the Fire Divas! The theme of this month's June challenge is "Fairy Tales!" Below are entries from the Divas and—as I'm sure you can tell—it's going to one tough pick!

Because we so greatly value our loyal fans and customers, we would love for you to choose your favorite piece by voting in our special poll located HERE on the upper right corner of the Fire Divas blog. After you're done voting, make sure to leave a comment after the original blog post from that direct link and you'll be entered to win a great prize from one of the Fire Divas too! 

*** The poll closes on Monday, June 20th, and the winning bead and blog comment post will be announced the following Tuesday. ***

You can click on any of these photos to see a larger, detailed view of these beautiful pieces. As you can probably tell, this month's theme provided a lot of wonderful inspiration and really brought out some of our best work!

Patrice of shepherdcreations
Lara of Lutrick
Holly of HollysFollyGlass
Michelle of SunDoorBeads
Rosemarie of spawnofflame

Aren't these some awesome beads?!?! I'm excited to be participating in this fun Challenge and will reveal which one is my entry after the poll has closed the winners have been announced. Hope you have fun guessing and please don't forget to vote! *Ü*


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