Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Find: Finger Tips

Here's a Friday Find that I can thank my wonderful nail salon for! I like to get my nails done about once or twice a month, because I use my hands so much for my creative projects and they end up getting a lot of "wear and tear"—and as a result, are in constant need of professional help! LOL

Amy, my favorite manicurist, was doing my nails one day and I was bemoaning how nasty my nails were looking because I had just finished working on a big batch of metal clay charms, and I had dark brown dust caked underneath and scratches from my tools all over them. Then I noticed the rubber finger tips she was wearing as she was filing my nails and **BOING!!** I had the idea of "why not try those for my type of work too?!" When I asked her more about how well they work for her, she kindly offered to give me a pair to try out for myself—and as you can see from this photo—they obviously have been working rather well! ;-D

I was going to take a cool photo of me actually having the tips on and working on something, but I keep forgetting to ask someone else in the house to help me with it. And since it's a little hard to file a tiny metal charm with both hands AND snap a photo of it, you'll have to use your imagination a bit, k? 

These nifty little gizmos work by covering your fingers with a soft, flexible rubber tip that serve to protect them while doing repetitive work like filing or sanding. I just use one on my thumb and pointer finger on the hand that does the holding. I love how the rubber surface also helps me hold the tiny metal clay shapes securely as I do my refining work, and are tight enough on my fingers that I can still handle the delicate unfired pieces without breaking them. After I've fired my charms in my kiln, I also use these when I'm doing any kind of hand polishing work too!

Amy buys hers from a beauty supply store, but I also discovered that office supply stores have these as well. They can be found in the mailing/stationary aisle because they are used to help with tasks like sorting mail, and are available in at least two sizes.

This is the box I found at my local Staples store—they're not a pretty hot pink color like the ones Amy gave me, but I think they'll still do a fine job. Speaking of which… I think I'm due to make another batch of my bronze clay oak leaf charms!… *Ü*

What kind of work could you use finger tips like these for?


  1. Good idea. I have to say though, they don't look hot pink! YAY for being used. :-)

  2. Yeah, they pretty much turned brown the first time I used them! LOL I could probably wash it off, but why bother—it's good that they look like I've been working, right? ;-D

  3. I fell in LOVE with those things in middle school... a LONG time ago! I think they are made to help bank tellers count money but I used them to save my fingertips when I was into needlework and I do use them from time to time on a more tedious piece of jewelry.


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