Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Find: Shutter Displays

Looking for more fun show display ideas? Here's a great one that I picked up when I was at a Portland show earlier this year, but it's taken me until recently to finally get around to putting one together for myself…

Earring Shutter Display Stand

This is SO much nicer than the little black plastic rotating stand I was using and I love how it shows off my earrings and puts them more at eye level. I found some vintage shutters on eBay (it took me a while to find something affordable in the height I wanted), spray painted them soft white and added a small ledge at the bottom so that I can clamp them securely to my table. They were originally hinged together as a pair, which is how I've seen other vendors use them, but I only have room for single panels on each side of my booth with my current configuration. I created my own custom earring cards, which are folded in half and hang on the shutter slats.

I've also been tinkering more with my overall booth display and here's what it looks like now:

This was on an 8' table, but I normally use a 6' one, so every available inch of space is used up as efficiently as possible. I really love how my booth has evolved as I've become more involved in doing shows this year. I'll share a few more other display tricks I've discovered later too! *Ü*

What are some of your favorite ways to display your jewelry?


  1. Lori, looks great! It is one of those projects that I keep meaning to get to myself and never do. Love your total display here.

  2. Thanks, Lara! It's still a work in progress, but I think I'm about 90% there now! *Ü*


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