Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pushing Through

push [poosh]
verb (used without object)  
15. to use steady force in moving a thing away; shove.
16. to make one's way with effort or persistence, as against difficulty or opposition.
18. to put forth vigorous or persistent efforts.

I've noticed that a lot of my favorite bloggers are posting about their new special word or phrase for the year and I although I wasn't planning on joining in, the one word that keeps popping into my mind lately is "Push."

As in the need to…
PUSH to break through creative ruts (which can happen way too often!),
PUSH to get our home remodel finally finished,
PUSH to spend more quality time with my family,
PUSH to simplify and organize my home, life and business
PUSH to exercise more often (like pulling teeth!)
PUSH to spend less time on the computer and more time outside

And the list seems to go on and on…

And while sometimes this word may sound rude or forceful, to me it's come to mean the concentrated effort to push past my fatique, insecurities, discouragement, and crazy schedule to make some big changes in my life that I feel are long past due. Like a good hard kick in the pants to get me going! Hah!

One of the big projects I'm starting to tackle is reorganizing and decluttering my main studio space. Right now, it's so crammed with supplies, boxes, and works in progress, with just a little 2-foot wide aisle running through it from the door to my computer. I swear my family is thinking about submitting my name to the Hoarders television reality show. Seriously!! And if they don't, I just might…I could use the extra help! LOL

Here's what my studio used to look like when I lived in Kansas:

I finally got my dream studio space finished—only to find myself packing it all up for our move to Washington six months later and have never fully unpacked since then. *sigh* My current space is a totally different configuration and I really miss my basement storage, but I'm bound and determined to "push" through and get it back to as close to perfect again as I can—one square foot at a time! *Ü*

What kind of things are you pushing through that you'd like to accomplish?


  1. I can completely relate to your situation, having just moved myself. The house I live now is like 3 times bigger than my old apartment, so there is just so much empty space. I sometimes miss the cozy comforts of my old place, but I know this home will be just as warm in a few months. Pushing through to get to the future good times is a great mantra for the new year. I am sure your studio will be even more awesome than it was before.

  2. Hi, Evey! *Ü*

    Congrats on your recent move and I hope that you start to feel more comfy in your new space soon! At least your problem is too much space, vs. mine is too little! (Well, if I'm honest—I have plenty of space—just too much stuff! LOL) Hope you make some fantastic new friends to help you find all the coolest decorating places for your new home too! *Ü*

  3. gosh your old space was just gorgous Lori! keep pushing and I am sure you will get it back again and even better!
    i have moved down to my basement, so much more room but bare concrete walls and floor. i am pushing too!

  4. i really can spell gorgeous! hee

  5. Wow, that was nice, good luck with your new house. Keep on pushing!

  6. uniquecozytreasures- Lori, that is one awesome dream studio!

  7. Thanks so much, Rooee! My old studio was an unfinished daylight basement, but we finished half of it and left the other half for storage (behind the door in the last photo). It's amazing what you can do with a can of paint to brighten things up. Good luck with your own space too! ;-)

  8. You are so clever and organzied that I'm sure you will have a wonderful new studio set up and ready to go before too long.

  9. haha 'push' is a good word, now push to make your new studio look as cool and fancy as your old one. Wow I envy the person who moved in there to inherit a ready made artist paradise

  10. I love your space, keep pushing :)

  11. Congrats on the move! Here's another PUSH for you:

    Good luck on getting the studio set up.

  12. I like Katie's Push. Gosh, your old studio was beautiful.

    You'll get it done.

    The button on top IS the Easy Button, isn't it?

  13. Very insightful post, and I love your old workspace in Kansas! If only I had a place like that to work in :) You'll get there again.

  14. Katie: Oh, I love that way of remembering it! I'm definitely going to add that to my daily mantra! ;-D

    Linda B: Well, if that wss the Easy Button, I would have pushed it a long time ago! Maybe mine is broken, because it certainly hasn't made anything easier yet!?? LOL

    Everyone: Thanks SO much for all your wonderful comments and encouragement! I really appreciate it and promise to post pics of my studio progress as I go along! *Ü*


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