Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Magical Bonding Time

On Monday morning, I spent about an hour cleaning over 180 beads with such energy that by the time I had finished, my right hand was cramped into a tingling claw for at least 15 minutes! Why all the frenzy, you ask? Because I was frantically trying to finish up and ship out as many bead orders as possible, in order to clear my schedule for the next couple of days so that I could spend some special time with my oldest daughter, Katie, who is home on Spring break from college. She wistfully mentioned to me a few months ago how much fun she thought it would be if just the two of us could go away somewhere someday to bond and reconnect. So I made some quick arrangements and guess where we were for the last few days?!? If you look closely at the above pile of beads, you'll see several designs that should give you a big clue…

Yup, we just spent 3 days at one of our favorite "magical" places on earth—Disneyland!! YAY!!

We gladly left 40ºF and random snowfalls and traded it in for 75ºF days full of sunshine, palm trees, and blue skies—not to mention a whole slew of exciting rides and an abundance of highly imaginative things to look at! (You're not feeling the least bit jealous, are you?? LOL) It was a little on the crowded side because of Spring Break season, but we still managed to go at least twice on all our favorite rides.

We also spent some time visiting California Adventure, where Katie eventually talked me into trying the Tower of Terror for the first time. FYI: I'm deathly afraid of heights and sharp drops tend to make me feel sick, but she managed to convince me that if I just kept my eyes shut and could get through the "first drop, which is the only big one and after that they're all really small ones" then I'd be fine. After all, I was too chicken to try Space Mountain until I was in my 20's, only to  discover that I LOVED it.

Well, my *precious* daughter totally LIED!!! There must have been at least 5 or 6 long, sustained rises and drops to that horrible ride and I screamed so constantly, I almost forgot to breathe several times. By the time the ride was over (it felt like it lasted at least 20 minutes?!), I was trembling so much I could barely walk out.


But there's a happy ending to this adventure story—after all, it IS Disney, right!? ;-D Katie and I had a wonderful mini vacation, using the time spent waiting in lines to talk and catch up on all sorts of random things, we screamed in silly voices and laughed on the roller coasters until our eyes watered, and had a lot of fun exploring the cool little shops and other activities.

The "cherry on top" was getting to watch the amazing World of Color water and laser show twice—and on the last night, we ran like crazy back to Disneyland immediately afterwards to catch the fireworks show. We made it just in time and it was the perfect way to celebrate the end of our very special trip! *Ü*

I wish you many wonderful opportunities of your own to spend with your loved ones this year—whether it's big or small—they will truly appreciate it!

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