Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pantone Spring Trend: Cockatoo

Time for another Pantone Spring 2012 color highlight! This time, I'll be featuring Cockatoo, which is a sort of a funny name for this color, since I couldn't find any actual Cockatoo birds in this color when I Googled it?! LOL In spite of the questionable name, this is one of my favorite colors of the new Spring fashion trends. It brings to mind a much needed vacation getaway to a gorgeous beach and cool tropical breezes. Pantone describes it as "…a tactile blue-green…sure to make your spirits soar. This unusual hue adds a whimsical touch to the palette and will make a statement this spring."

This lovely shade is a little hard to find in glassy form, but I've found a few options that I think are a really close match…

Caribbean Sea (Effetre)

Light Turquoise Alabaster (Effetre)

Mint Lozenge (CiM)

And if you're really lucky and/or skilled working with silver laden glass, Gaia can make a gorgeous mother-of-pearl effect with this color too!

Gaia (Double Helix)

You could also experiment with layering a transparent color over an opaque base to achieve the right mix of blue and green to create this elusive, but totally yummy color. I think I'm going to play with combining Cockatoo with other Pantone trend colors like Margarita or Starfish for a cool, beachy vibe! *Ü*

What colors do you think would look great with Cockatoo?


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