Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pantone Spring Trend: Tangerine Tango

It's time to finally get around to showcasing all the Pantone Fashion Trend colors for Spring 2012! The first color I'm going to talk about is Tangerine Tango, which is Pantone's Color of the Year and described as “sophisticated but at the same time dramatic and seductive…reminiscent of the radiant shadings of a sunset, [it] marries the vivaciousness and adrenaline rush of red with the friendliness and warmth of yellow, to form a high-visibility, magnetic hue that emanates heat and energy…a vivacious and appealing refresher to enliven anyone’s outlook this spring." Sounds good to me! ;-D Although I must confess, orange is one of my least favorite colors and I certainly don't look good wearing it. LOL But I love it combined with pinks or metallic gold, or used as a bold accent in jewelry.

Here is a set of glass spacer beads I listed in my Etsy shop recently that has been getting an awful lot of attention—they were featured in at least 9 different Treasuries in just one week! So I'm guessing that a lot of people are excited about this vibrant color too, and it sure helps brighten the last of these grey Winter days as we make the transition into Spring…

Tangerine Orange Lampwork Spacer Beads

These beads were created out of a Vetrofond odd lot called Dreamsicle, which is a rich orange with a core of a lighter, creamy orange in the center which I think gives them a more interesting effect. This is the first time I've used it (although it's been sitting in my glass cubby for a few years! LOL) and I really like it, imagining it will also be very useful for Summer and Autumn bead designs too.

Here are some other glass colors that would make great Tangerine Tango designs:

Clockwork Orange (CiM)

Transparent Orange (Vetrofond)

Tangerine Dark Yellow Special (Effetre)

Tangerine Intense Odd (Vetrofond)

I could go on for a while longer, as there are several other shades of this juicy color offered by various glass manufacturers and in other COEs. I'm looking forward to using it more often from now on, especially combined with some of the other Pantone Spring 2012 colors! *Ü*

What are some of your favorite colors to mix with orange?


  1. Well, I am pretty darn impressed with Pantone's descriptive abilities! And the Tangerine Tango is so beautiful! Turquoise is very nice with Orange, don't you think? Very "Island."

  2. I agree with Mt. Baldy Turquoise is very nice with Orange I also think that yellow would go with orange... will make it "summer" feeling!

  3. Ooh, turquoise and orange sounds like Southwest style too! ;-D

  4. That tangerine leave me breathless! I love it with aqua/teal.

  5. I love to mix a bright deep shade of blue with orange for a vibrant combination - it's got to be in small doses or it's overpowering - but always fabulous!

  6. I made a treasury in this hue and did not realize it was a big hue! I do love it.

  7. I love the color and your items in it just pop!!

  8. I love this color! And it doesn't clash with my skin tone :) Let's see, you definitely can't wear this with black (think Halloween), but maybe gray, or cream, or with jeans, or with a teeny splash of teal?

  9. I'm actually not much of an orange person, but I do like this color. I recently saw it combined with a teal and it so popped!

  10. I have never really followed Pantone's colors until this year. I love this color choice, though as much as I love it, I can NOT wear orange, I am just too pale! LOL!

    1. I hear you, Katie—I'm half Chinese and yellowish skin undertones just don't look great with orange either! LOL

  11. The combination with turquoise is awesome, ... I think I'm not allone with my taste ;0) It also runs well with an greyish-brown khaki and vanilla ice cream beige!

  12. Thanks for all the wonderful color combinations, everyone! Looks like shades of blue with the Tangerine is the most popular choice, so I'll have to give that a try and see what I can come up with! ;-D


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