Friday, May 11, 2012

Beachcomber Preview

After pushing like crazy to build up my inventory for my big Portland show last weekend, I have some beads left over that I'm going to start listing in my Etsy shop over the next week or so (but still might hold some back for some of my Summer shows too). So I thought I'd share them all here and if you see anything you like, please feel free to email me with a request and I'll throw in Free Shipping if I haven't already listed it on Etsy!

Tide Pool Focals: prices range from $36 to $48

New Water Wave beads: $29 per set of 5

Mixed Beachcomber Sets: $49 per set, including 3 matching pairs for earrings

Thanks for looking and if you have any suggestions for other colors or shapes that you would like to see, I'd love to hear them! *Ü*


  1. I love the Tide Pool Focals, they're gorgeous!


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