Friday, August 3, 2012

Pantone Fall 2012 Forecast

I can't believe I totally dropped the ball on finishing up my individual posts for the Spring/Summer 2012 color forecast, but I'm hoping I'll do much better for the upcoming Fall season! I know many of you are in the midst of a big heat wave, so I thought I'd start posting the new color trends to give you something cooler to look forward to (even if the thought of snuggly sweaters isn't so appealing at the moment?! LOL).

Here's what the official Pantone site says we can look forward to for this Fall:

From love potions and the magical hour of sunset to witches and warlocks, fantasy and illusion are inspiring designers this fall season. With an unexpected mix of darks, brights and neutrals, they cleverly manipulate reality to transport consumers to an enchanting place, free from the stresses of everyday life.

“By playing to consumers’ practical side with versatile neutrals, and boosting their confidence with bold, spirited hues, this skillfully balanced palette has something for everyone,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®.

Since Tangerine Tango is Pantone's 2012 Color of the Year, you may have noticed that it has carried over into the Fall season—which is great for all those outfits or accessories you may have already on hand from Spring and Summer. You'll be able to mix them in with these deeper, more subdued colors (with the exception of the eye popping Bright Chartreuse, that is!).

I'm really digging the thought of the strong neutrals like French Roast or Titanium paired with the brighter colors like Pink Flambe and Olympian Blue. I'll be highlighting all these individual colors in upcoming posts, and would love to hear which ones are your favorites! *Ü*


  1. I love the colors, never thought Id be making orange he he

  2. Great minds think alike ... did U check out today's team blog post? lol

  3. I love these colors! I'm a fan of any shade of blue, so Olympian Blue gets my vote for fav. I think Titanium and Tangerine Tango could be a great combo too.

  4. SO glad you wrote this post.

  5. Unique Cozy Treasures - Love the color. Thanks for sharing with us.

  6. Thanks for the update! I need to think about how this will translate into my home fragrance line!

  7. interesting colors
    these are always a big issue for me, coming up with a color scheme
    I think part of the reason I sculpt my babies without clothes is to avoid having to 'dress' them :)

  8. This is one of my favorite forecasts ever...

  9. great post, you've got my wheels turning ;o)

  10. Anonymous12:10 AM PDT

    Colors are amazing. Thank you so much for sharing with us. I think what really connects a person with a color is how they are feeling, so very powerful that is. Love your blog! x


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