Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Northwest Bead Bazaar

I've been in a feverish frenzy of bead making for weeks now, trying to get ready for the Northwest Bead Society's annual Bead Bazaar, which is my second big show of the year and will be held this weekend. For this show, I'll be selling just my loose beads, but the weekend after that, I'll be selling finished jewelry and other beaded goodies at the Salmon Days Festival in Issaquah, WA. (insert mild panic attack…)

So I'm heading back out to the studio to torch some new designs into life, but thought I'd pop in and share all the juicy details—in case you'll be in the area or know someone who might enjoy overdosing themselves on delicious bead eye candy? *Ü*

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Blasts from the Past

Autumn is just around the corner and I can hardly wait! I've decided that it's now my favorite season—nudging ahead of Spring because around here, Spring is a bit too rainy for enjoying the new flowers as much as I'd like. But the Autumn season is wonderful in my area—with lots of sunshine, the leaves changing color, and lovely temperatures for strolling around comfortably in soft sweaters.

Autumn is also my busiest show season and this year I've signed up to do four—yes, FOUR!—craft shows within the next 7 weeks!! EEK!! So I'm trying to build up my bead and jewelry inventory as much as possible, which means digging up some old "recipes" of past popular designs that will compliment my newer ones.

I recently finished up a few sets inspired by this bead I created last year:

Fairy Dust European Charm Bead

And this is one of the new "nuggety" sets with a slightly more Chartreuse tint (which also happens to be one of the Pantone color trends for this Fall):

Green Gossamer Nuggets

As with all silver-laden glass, the results can differ by quite a bit—depending on the way the glass is worked, kiln temperatures, and some say even the phase of the moon! One of my other sets is a little bluer and one is a mix of the two—but they all look so lovely with that inner shimmer that is characteristic of silver glass designs.

And here is another popular past favorite, but using a different silver glass and technique:

Wisteria Waves No. 2

I love the gradated colors ranging from purples, blues and robin egg in the "waves," with rims of a pale brownish olive green. These were some of the hardest beads to capture on camera, and I wish you could see how much prettier and softer looking these are in person. I've just listed them in my Etsy shop and will be making more for my upcoming shows. To me, these totally say "Autumn" and I think I'll have to make a set for myself too! *Ü*

What are you looking forward to for this Fall season?

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